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Tithi of Sri Sri Madhav Dev (2022)

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022 On the sixteenth day of the month, the Tithi of Madhav Dev is a regional public holiday Assam is a state in north-eastern India. In the Western calendar, this means it occurs in August or September.

This festival honors the death anniversary of a renowned Assamese saint-reformer from the 16th century.

Some about Madhav Dev

Madhabdev was born in 1489 in the Assamese village of Leteku Pukhuri in the Lakhimpur District. Madhavdev received his early education in Lakhimpur’s Narayanpur. Rajendra Adhyapak continued his schooling in Banduka (in the Rangpur District of modern-day Bangladesh). Purans, Tantras, Tarka-shastra, and other Saktism literature were studied by him. Madhabdev met Sankardev when he was 32 years old. Madhabdev recognized Srimanta Sankardev as Guru after a four-and-a-half-hour argument. He was recognized as pranbandhu by Sankardev, who eventually nominated him as his successor. Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

Madhabdev was an eminent poet and author. Janma Rahasya, his first literary work, was about the creation and destruction of the world. He wrote Naam Ghosa, a book that is regarded as equally important as Sankardev’s Kirtan Ghosa. Bhati Rantavali was another of his brilliant creations. Sankardev’s Kirtan Ghosa’s last two chapters were also written by him. Madhabdev’s other notable works include Naam Maalikaa and Guru Bhatima. He also penned 191 Borgeets and various one-act plays (Jhumuras). Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

Madhabdev was a prominent Ekasara ma Dharma preceptor who was noted for both his devotion to his guru, Srimanta Sankardev and his creative brilliance. Originally a Sakta devotee, he was converted to Ekasara Dharma by Sri Sri Sankardev and became his most illustrious student. After Sri Sri Sankardev’s death in 1568, he became the religious and artistic heir of the latter.

Madhabdev died in Bhela Satra, Koch Bihar, in 1596.

History of Sri Sri Madhav Dev Tithi

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022, Madhabdev (1489–1596), also known as Mahapurush, is one of Assam’s most well-known Vaishnava Saints. Madhabdev was a prominent Ekasara ma Dharma preceptor who was known for both his devotion to his guru, Sri Srimanta Sankardev, and his creative brilliance.

Originally a Sakta devotee, he was converted to Ekasara Dharma by Sri Sankardev and became his most illustrious student. After Sri Sankardev’s death in 1568, he became the religious and artistic heir of the latter. Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

Madhabdev was chosen by Srimanta Sankardev above his two sons to lead the Vaishnavite movement forward, and Madhabdev returned to his guru’s faith by continuing on his guru’s heritage and founding several Satras (monasteries).

He is well known for his hymn book, the am Ghosha, as well as a significant collection of Borgeets. Sankardev and Madhabdev wrote the Borgeet, which is known as Assam’s soul song. Before Shakespeare composed Hamlet, the Ankia Nat and Jumura were two of the first Indian cultural dramas.

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022, The Saint passed in 1596.

Madhavdeva founded the famed Dhekiakhowa Bornaamghar (prayer house) in Jorhat district, Assam, India, in 1528. He ignited an earthen lamp there, which has been burning constantly since then and is a serious contender for the world’s longest continually lit lamp.

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022, Madhabdev Tithi honors Mahapurush, one of Assam’s most prominent Vaishnava Saints. Madhav Deva, a saint-poet and author, wrote Namghosa and Bhakti Ratnavali, two of Assam’s most famous spiritual writings. The date for Madhabdev Tithi 2022 is Wednesday 14 September.

One of Madhabdev’s most fundamental philosophical beliefs was that prevention is better than treatment and that one should avoid becoming involved in transient pleasure. Strive for the Absolute Truth.

Sankardev‘s disciple, he was. The meeting of Madhabdev and Sankaradeva is regarded as a mystic occurrence and a watershed moment in Assamese spiritual and religious history. Mahapurush Madhabdev is credited for spreading and expanding upon Sankardev’s basic concepts and Vaishnavite ideals.

Madhabdev faithfully carried on his guru’s heritage, founding various satras (monasteries) in Northeast India that have served as the foundation for moderate philosophy and beliefs for decades. Madhabdev sparked a cultural revolution with the support of his guru. He wrote satras, namghars (community prayer rooms), kirtan, borgeet, and a variety of other spiritual literature.

It is celebrated on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi every year.

Madhav Dev and Sankardev of the Bhakti Movement

Gaya Pani, an international organization agency was to boot Sri Madhav Dev’s relation, was an on the spot follower of Sri Ravi Shankar Dev associate degreed opposed the sacrifice of Associate in Nursing innocent newborn that Madhav Dev had undertaken on himself to carry go in order to appease the Divine Mother in exchange for the quick recovery of his poorly mother.

Sri Gaya Pani disciplined Sri Madhav Dev for engrossing such an atrocious task. “I don’t understand, brother, however, the Divine Mother, an international organization agency that bears the responsibility for the welfare of all living things, expects associate infant’s blood to be sacrificed to her in exchange for the health of another object,” he added. Any of these actions defy all logic.”

“Your intelligence has been unsound by the dumb Ravi Shankar Dev UN agency doesn’t perceive the greatness of Shakta Dharma a one who doesn’t perceive the greatness of Tantra Shastra,” Sri Madhav Dev answered. Our devotion and sacrifice renew our Hindu deity. Tantric methods produce 100 times faster results than any other Sanatana technique. Tantra is a form of esotericism. It’s nothing like the way you deranged Vaishnavas sing and dance, assuming for no reason that everything is OK and taken care of by the Lord. You have no idea how God can be made happy. You are unable to comprehend if God is made joyful just by singing and dancing or by the blood of a newborn.

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022

You’re an illiterate moron. This is something I can say. You will not grasp our Tantra knowledge, I’m afraid.” “Brother,” Sri Gaya Pani calmly said. Simply accompany me to Sri Shankar Dev and settle the matter.” “All right, let me see what your Guru has to say,” Sri Madhav Das remarked, seeing Sri Gaya Pani’s equanimity. Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

Both found their thanks to Sri Shankar Dev’s residence. once Sri Madhav Dev initially saw Sri Shankar Dev, he now began asking him queries. “Acharya, what’s this new faith you are preaching?” he inquired. You seem to own forgotten concerning the grouping system and are distributing the “so-called” Holy Name to everybody while not in regard for his or her position. I actually have not seen any references to those behaviors within the Vedic system that you simply are preaching to the inexperienced.

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022

Please put an end to these deceptive techniques and the intimidation of village elders. I’m eager to engage in a spiritual debate with you. Based on what I’ve heard about you from the general public, you appear to be lacking in understanding on these topics. Keep in mind that if you lose the debate, you’ll have to stop all you’re doing and leave this location forever.” Sri Shankar Dev simply smiled benignly and humbly in response to the verbal assault. Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

The following day was debate day. Sri Madhav Dev, along with a few associates with knowledge of Tantra Shastras, presented many arguments in support of the Shakta Dharma (Divine Tantra) cult and attempted to portray Vaishnava Dharma (Lord Vishnu’s devotion) as a weak system incapable of spiritual reformation in Vaishnava Dharma practitioners. Sri Shankar Dev had spent his early years immersed in the study of all branches of Sanatana Dharma, including a thorough examination of the Tantric system.

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022

Madhav Dev Tithi 2022, It didn’t take him long to rip Sri Madhav Dev’s arguments to shreds. He had a firm grasp on Tantra Shastra, and as a result, he was able to refute all of his opponents’ claims on Tantric Dharma. However, because the opponents on Sri Madhav Dev’s side did not know much about the Vaishnava Dharma Shastras, Shankar Dev easily overcame them when it came time for Sri Shankar Dev to interrogate the supporters of Sri Madhav Dev.

Madhav Dev had no choice but to concede defeat to Sri Shankar Dev. This event was hailed as a major triumph for Vaishnava Dharma, and it resulted in the widespread adoption of Vaishnava Dharma in the Assam area. Following that day, Sri Madhav Dev became a disciple of the Vaishnavism cult and embraced Sri Shankar Dev as his spiritual mentor. Madhav Dev Tithi 2022.

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