Vishwakarma puja 2021

Vishwakarma puja:-

Vishwakarma puja 2021, On Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha in Ashwin month, Vishwakarma puja is done. To commemorate the day, engineers, architects, and artisans, as well as professionals, are known to worship their tools. Lord Vishwakarma is said to benefit individuals who respect and adore their tools while remaining committed to their work. In contemporary Hinduism, Vishwakarma or Vishvakarman is a craftsman deity and the divine architect of the gods.

Vishvakarma was also responsible for the construction of cities such as Lanka, Dwarka, and Indraprastha. Vishwakarma, Lord Brahma’s son, is said to have built the sacred city of Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s governing realm, and the Maya Sabha for the Pandavas, in addition to several palaces and weaponry for various Hindu gods. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

He was referred to as the divine carpenter as well as swayambhu, which means self-existent or self-created. Every year in September or October, the festival commemorates the day when the sun deity exits the Simha Rashi and enters the Kanya Rashi (Virgo), hence the name Kanya Sankranti Diwas.

Vishwakarma puja 2021

The day falls on the last day of the month of Bhadra in the Hindu Solar Calendar, which is why it is also known as Bhadra Sankranti. Vishwakarma Puja falls on September 17 this year. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

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Vishwakarma puja 2021 Date

Vishwakarma Puja is held on the Hindu calendar’s ‘Kanya Sankranti,’ which falls around mid-September on the Gregorian calendar. It occurs on the last day of Bhadra, the Bengali month. Vishwakarma puja will be held on September 17, 2021of this year. In 2021, Vishvakarma Day will be a restricted holiday. It is observed in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab on Friday, September 17, 2021. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

Vishwakarma Puja is observed in practically all offices and workplaces, although it is particularly popular among engineers, architects, painters, mechanics, welding shops, and factories. On this day, individuals in offices and industries clean their workplaces appropriately and decorate Lord Vishwakarma’s earthen idols for adoration. People worship their technological devices, homes, and automobiles even at home. Let us look at the Vishwakarma Puja technique.

This puja is celebrated with considerable fervor in North India. The architect and architect “Lord Vishwakarma” is worshipped in this puja. This puja is performed with great pomp on this day by all masons, weavers, artisans who produce items out of iron and other metals, engineers, masons, laborers, craftsmen, workers, hardware, electricians, technicians, drivers, carpenters, welders, mechanics, and personnel from all industrial houses. This day is dedicated to cleaning factories and workshops. The office is festooned with balloons and colorful sheets. Cleaning, priming, and painting are all done. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

The day of Vishwakarma puja

Vishwakarma puja 2021, The event is predominantly observed in factories and industrial locations and is frequently witnessed on the work floor. Engineers and architects are not the only ones that observe the day of worship; artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers, and factory workers are also present and others as a symbol of respect.

They wish for a brighter future, safe operating conditions, and, most significantly, success in their fields. The unflawed operation of diverse machines is additionally prayed for by the staff. Factories and stores are cleansed and adorned in the same manner that they’re on Diwali.

After the puja, no work is done in businesses or factories for the rest of the day since artisans and employees are not allowed to use their tools. Yagya puja is also performed for overall business growth and prosperity. Even in the evening, when many people prepare for kite flying, the celebrations continue.

Local kite flying tournaments are also held, with far too many participants and their families showing up to have a good time. So, if you plan on attending any events this year, make sure you stay safe. Make sure you’re following all of the appropriate social distancing rules. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

Lord Vishwakarma entrusted Lord Brahma with the task of beautifying the universe, according to legendary traditions. Brahma Ji had entire faith in his descendent, Lord Vishwakarma, and his craft. The universe was created in the shape of a huge egg by Brahma Ji. That egg was the source of the creation. Later, Brahmaji is claimed to have placed it on Sheshnag’s tongue.

Sheshnag’s movement wreaked havoc on the universe. Brahmaji was disturbed by this and inquired of Lord Vishwakarma about the solution. Lord Vishwakarma kept Mount Meru submerged to keep the universe in check. Lord Vishwakarma’s talent to create and his skill delighted Brahmaji much. Lord Vishwakarma has been hailed as the world’s first engineer and architect ever since. In small shops, Lord Vishwakarma is also worshipped. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

Importance of Vishwakarma puja

Vishwakarma puja 2021, That is why Vishwakarma worship is always significant in a person’s life. If a person lacks craft expertise, he will not be able to construct any structure. As a result, Lord Vishwakarma is known as the “God of Vastu Shastra.” He’s also known as “the first engineer,” “engineer of gods,” and “machine god.” Vishwakarma is known as the “God Carpenter” of the gods in the Vishnu Purana. Worshiping something has numerous advantages. This leads to business expansion. Worship isn’t bad for the machine. Day after night, there is a quadrupling of business. An individual with a single factory has a large number of factories.

Among all the gods, Lord Vishwakarma holds a significant position. He designed a number of well-known structures and artifacts. You constructed Indra’s throne in heaven for Ravana if you made Lanka of gold for him. When the asuras began torturing the gods, they used the bones of sage Dadhichi to create Indra’s thunderbolt, which annihilated the demons. Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, and their allies returned to Ayodhya after Ravana’s defeat and sat on the Pushpak Viman. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

Lord Vishwakarma also constructed the Pushpak Vimana. Karna’s coil had been created by him. Lord Shiva’s Trishul, Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra, and Yamraj’s Kaladand were also created. The splendid city of Indraprastha was erected for the Pandavas, surprising the Kauravas. Hastinapur was also built by him. Puri’s “Jagannath” temple was erected by Jagannath. As a result, he was able to construct a number of well-known structures. Vishwakarma puja 2021.

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