Mother Teresa Essay In English

Introduction of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Essay In English, Some men and women are born to serve others in this world. They live for others and devote every waking second of their lives to helping them. They have nothing of their own.

They dedicate their lives to the betterment of society as a whole. Such a woman was Mother Teresa. She was not born great. But she achieved greatness by her deeds. She was born as a woman but worked as an angel. She was kind, itself in human form.

Early Life of Mother Teresa

On August 27, 1910, Mother Teresa was born to humble parents in Scoops 4, Yogoslavia. The girl’s parents addressed her by her given name. Agnes was her full name, Agnes Ganja Baggio. She was sent to a local primary school. Near the school, there existed a religious priests’ institution. Agnes enrolled in the institution when she was twelve years old. She had come into contact with the people’s varied pains while she was there.

She was moved by people’s suffering caused by disease, starvation, and thirst. She made the decision to help humanity’s suffering. She worked as a social worker in her town for six years against her parents’ wishes.

Her parents finally gave in and let her do what she wanted. Agnes accepted the invitation of humanity’s suffering. A Yugoslav priest’s association was active in Kolkata at the time. Agnes was invited to Kolkata by the Jesuits. Because there are numerous opportunities to help India’s suffering humanity. Agnes arrived in Kolkata in 1929, when she was nineteen years old. Mother Teresa Essay In English

Founding the Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa Essay In English, Mother Teresa began with what she already knew. She spotted several tiny children and proceeded to teach them after roaming around the slums for a bit. She didn’t have a classroom, desks, a chalkboard, or paper, so she grabbed a stick and started writing letters in the mud.

The class had started. Mother Teresa soon after rented a tiny cabin and converted it into a classroom. Mother Teresa also paid visits to the children’s families and others in the region, greeting them with a smile and providing little medical assistance. People began to donate as word spread about her activities.

Mother Teresa was joined by her first aide, a former Loreto student, in March 1949. She quickly enlisted the assistance of ten previous students. Mother Teresa petitioned to organise her own nuns’ order, the Missionaries of Charity, at the completion of her provisionary year. Pope Pius XII granted her request, and the Missionaries of Charity were founded on October 7, 1950. Mother Teresa Essay In English

The career of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, as a geography instructor, then became the leader of a group of Bengali women. She was the principal of that school for a while. She filled her days with various activities in this manner. She travelled to Darjeeling in 1946. She abandoned her job as a teacher after returning from Darjeeling and committed her life to social service. She answered Jesus Christ’s invitation and resolved to help the underprivileged and downtrodden. She gave up her life for the enjoyment and suffering of others. Mother Teresa Essay in English

She worked with the sick, the poor, and people who were afflicted with diseases such as leprosy. She helped victims of floods, earthquakes, riots, and famine, among other disasters. Every waking moment of her life was dedicated to the relief of humanity’s suffering. For her selfless deeds, she has dubbed Mother Teresa at the time.

She worked for orphans in many locations and founded a number of orphanages. She solicited several people for materials for the orphans and the sick. Her life’s mission and aspirations became a service to humanity. She worked not only in India but also in other parts of the world to alleviate people’s suffering. Mother Teresa Essay In English

In 1948, Mother Teresa became an Indian citizen. She then began her altruistic and methodical work in Kolkata, where she created a human service institution. Her noble service was also praised by the Pope. Mother Teresa founded the Nirmal Hriday Institution in 1954.

She put up the destitute, ailing, orphaned, and individuals suffering from society’s various ills there. The mother established Nirmala Sisubhawan after Nirmal Hriday. Thousands of orphans were housed there by her. The mother established a number of such orphanages in India.

She established such houses in a variety of places around the world. She also established orphanages in India and overseas. She established hospitals for humanity’s suffering. The mother was able to organise sixty schools, 213 charitable hospitals, and 54 leprosy treatment centres all throughout the world in this way.

More than 20,000 orphans are housed at her orphanages. Her employment takes her to places like America, Australia, and many others, in addition to Kolkata. Mother visited whenever she heard the cries of suffering mankind and strove to alleviate their suffering. She strove for world peace and worldwide brotherhood throughout her life.

The ideology of Mother Teresa

People should have faith in God, according to the mother. God has sent us to this planet not just for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of others. We should make an effort to love others as much as we love ourselves. Only then will the world be filled with peace and prosperity. We should also make an effort to spend a few minutes of our lives with others. The world will then be a pleasant and worthwhile place to live.

Recognition of Mother’s Activity

Mother Teresa, Mother’s initiatives were recognised by people from all around the world for her altruistic efforts. The Indian government awarded her the Padmashree award. In the year 1971. She received the Pope’s peace award in 1971. She received the Good Samaritan Award, the Kennedy International Award, the Dr. of Human Letters Award, the Rajib Gandhi Sadhawana Award, and other honours in that year. Mother Teresa Essay In English.

Death of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, On September 5th, 1997, this greatest soul and friend of a human being went away. Her demise was mourned around the world. The world’s perspective piece has vanished. Mother Teresa Essay In English.

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