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Polly Life Insurance, Polly was founded in 2015 with the goal of encouraging more mothers to purchase life insurance. According to a recent poll, only about 12% of mothers obtain this form of insurance, despite the fact that a child loses a financially dependent parent every half hour or so. Polly’s objective was to make sure that as many children and families as possible could afford the necessary protection so that if the worst happened, they would have some financial support during such a trying time.

What are their methods for accomplishing this?

Polly finds the right protection, for free, for the mums of the UK looking for the best life insurance policy for them. The service is completely free and it only takes a few minutes to go from taking your details to providing you with a series of quotes. Over 50,000 mums have purchased their insurance through Polly, and it could not be simpler to do so.

Some steps are given below:-

Polly Life Insurance.

  • Simply fill out a form on the Polly website with a few basic details.
  • Your Polly life insurance professional will review the information and provide the best deal for you.
  • Sit back and relax as Polly takes care of the rest, phoning you with the best deals they can find.

Some Features and benefits of life insurance

Polly Life Insurance.

  • At no additional expense, you will receive a second medical opinion from the greatest experts in the country, who will undertake an in-depth evaluation of your diagnosis and medical condition. It will then offer expert medical advice and treatment options.
  • Free will writing services are available.
  • Funeral costs are covered by an additional payment from the insurance company.
  • Ability to put a policy payment in trust so that your beneficiaries don’t have to pay inheritance tax on it when they obtain life insurance.

Some about Polly insurance

Polly connects parents with FCA-approved brokers and insurers as a free service. Polly locates economical brokers and insurers for families in order to assist them in obtaining financial security for their families. Polly has helped over 50,000 parents acquire life insurance and protect their families since its start in 2014.

Polly Life Insurance Contact Details:

Phone No of Polly Life Insurance: +44 20 3475 2606

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