Youtube Founders | Jawed Karim, The Journey of Youtube

History of Youtube, Youtube Founders Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen

Friends We all know that YouTube is the most successful video-sharing medium in the world, and the credit for this success of YouTube is always given to Google. But you will be surprised to know that YouTube was actually created not by Google but by three young boys.

While Google bought YouTube in October 2006 from those boys for a sum of one-point six billion dollars. So in today’s video, we will know who those three boys who created YouTube were then. How and why did they make YouTube and where are those three boys today after selling YouTube, then read this post further, you will get all the information about this topic.

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Jawed Karim / YouTube Founders

Friends are the first to talk. Of Jawed Karim who was the youngest of the three creators of YouTube. Javed was born on October 5, 1979, in Marsburg Town, Germany. His father was Bangladeshi and his mother was of German origin and they both worked as researchers. While his father Naimul Karim was a researcher at the 3M company, his mother was a researcher of biochemistry at the Christine University of Minnesota.

Javed, when he was very young, had shifted to the noicy city in West Germany leaving his family member, and then spent most of his childhood in this city. However, when he was 12 years old, his family again shifted to St. Paul’s city in Minnesota. Javed completed his schooling in this city and then for further studies, he took admission in the university, Illinois.

But due to getting a job in the PayPal company, he left the campus before completing his studies. However, even after leaving the campus, he continued to study from the distance level and while doing the job, he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

After this, he became friends with two staff in the PayPal company, and together with them, he created You YouTube. When Javed was asked about the region behind making YouTube, he said that he could not see the videos of his choice on the internet and his same problem inspired him to make YouTube. After this, he bought the domain at the beginning of the year 2005 with his friends in Javed, and within the next few months, he completely prepared this website.

On 23 April 2005, on the day Javed uploaded the first video on YouTube, which was titled Me at the zoo, who must have seen this video and for your information, let us know that the boy who is seen in that video is actually Javed Karimi. Javed played a very important role in the development of YouTube, but then suddenly he quit from YouTube.

In fact, at that time he was more interested in studying than in entrepreneurship because he wanted to become a professor after education.

In the year 2006 when Google acquired YouTube, he did not become an employee of YouTube only for his studies, but only as an informal advisor.

However, he himself later admitted that his decision to leave YouTube was wrong as his stake in the company had been reduced due to his decision.

In fact, when Google acquired YouTube, Javed’s share came to 13,743 shares of Google, which were worth around $65 million at that time. If Javed had not taken shares and had been associated with YouTube, then today he would have been a billionaire, but he chose a different path for studies.

After leaving YouTube, he first did a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University and then two people together started a company called Y-Ventures which provided mentorship guidance and consulting to new startups and friends, even today they are running the same company.

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Chad Hurley / Youtube Founders

Let’s talk about Chat Hurley, the second founder of YouTube. Chad Hurley Lee was born on 24 January 1977, in Reding, U.S.A. Chad Hurley was very much interested in arts since childhood, due to which from the time of school, he started selling his gadgets and artworks.

But when he reached high school, along with arts, his interest in computers and technology began to grow and during high school, he became a member of the Technology Student Association. Apart from this, he was also very interested in running, and with this support, he won state titles between 1992 and 94. Friends, after completing this school, Chad Hurley did his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University and Pennsylvania and after completing his university studies, he also got a job in PayPal, just like Javed Karim.

Where they used to do the work of designing the user interface and logo of PayPal and as we have already told you that Chad met two people in the PayPal company and then the three of them developed YouTube together. After founding YouTube, Chad became the first CEO of this company. However, at that time his job was only to manage the sharing feature of YouTube.

After this, on October 2,06, when Google acquired YouTube, Chad did not immediately quit the company, but he held the position of CEO of YouTube until the end of 2010 and he benefited from being associated with YouTube that the biggest amount of money came to his share when YouTube was sold. In 2010, chad received 694087 shares of Google directly and 41,232 shares through trust in exchange for the sale of YouTube.

At that time, the total value of these shares was $346 million, which was more than five times the $65 million that came in the share of Javed Karim. After this, in October 2010, Chad resigned from the post of CEO of YouTube. After which he started a tech company called AVOS Systems along with Steve Jain, the third partner of YouTube. In fact, it was an incubator company that used to serve developers for some of its development and testing in real-time. However, this company has many different

He made different applications, but in all of them, Chad’s eyes were always on the same company called MIXBIT. But even after a lot of efforts by friends, MIXBIT could not achieve success like YouTube and in 2018 a company named BlueJeans acquired MIXBIT. Apart from this, Chad invested his money in many different types of sports such as formula one racing NBA and football teams, where he is part-owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors team and Los Angeles Football Club, which plays in Major League Soccer. Well, that’s what the other youtube founder Chad talked about.

Steve Chen / Youtube Founders

Now you know about the third and last founder of YouTube, Steve Chen. Steve Chen was born on August 25, 1978, in Taipei, Taiwan. He spent the first eight years of his life living in this city. After which his family shifted to Prospect Heights City in the US. Steve Chen completed his schooling at The Local School in the same city and after that, he took admitted to the University of Illinois the study computer science like Jawed Karim.

After completing his university studies in 2002, he got a job at PayPal. While working, he was introduced to Jawed and Chad, and in the next story, you know how these three created YouTube together. However, Steve’s story is also a little different from Jawed and Chad, because he also worked for Facebook for a few months before creating YouTube and if we talk about YouTube, Steve was given the responsibility of the Chief Technology Officer. Where his main job was to manage youtube traffic.

In 2006, when Google bought YouTube, in return, google’s 625366 shares came directly and 68,721 shares came to Steve’s share through a trust that was worth around $325 million at the time, and the same shares had a value of one billion dollars.

He held his position until 2009 and after leaving YouTube in 2009, he started working for Google. But in 2,011, he also left the job at Google because at that time he had made up his mind to start his own company and system together with Chad.

Chad had no interest in the video-sharing platform MIXBIT. That’s why they’ve always stayed away from MIXBIT. Even when Chad tried to connect AVOS Systems with a mix bit, Steve left that company. In this way, on one side Chad got busy in the mix bit. On the other hand, Steve joined back to Google Ventures, which works to invest in new startups and give them financial support.

In 2016, Steve also launched a website called NOM.COM, which was a live-streaming network. But steve’s new video-sharing network did not like anything special to people. Due to this, it was closed only a year after its launch. In August 2019, Steve left the US with his entire family and shifted back to Taiwan and since then he has been spending his life the same.

So, friends, this was the story of the three people who gave the world an unsurpassed gift in the form of YouTube. Today, this video-sharing platform created by him not only entertains people but at the same time has become an important medium of education. And friends, not only that, today YouTube is considered a source of employment for people. I hope you’ve found their life story inspiring. Thank you very much for giving your valuable time.

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